NEW!!! 3D Ship Posters!!

Have your loved ones face appear on a coin or a medallion with years served and name!!! Also have a 3D picture of the ship your veteran served on!! Click here or on the slideshow above for details.

Welcome To ALPSM

We Build and Restore Models

Models come in almost any scale you desire. From large 1/192 scales to 1/700th scales and we build them all. Dioramas or action models are our specialty as well. We also do plastic kits which are even more affordable, and when we are done adding all the aftermarket products like photo etch and rigging, these models are also museum quality.
We can take any model you have sitting around that you may never get around to completing!! Send it to us!! Although most of our sales are for HERO sailors and pilots’ families giving them as presents, we also build amazing detailed cars, trucks, figures and specialty items like sci-fi and space vehicles. Call us to ask any questions you may have!!! You can also use email if that’s more convenient to you.

ALPSM at NBAA 2015...Click to play video