All of our models are built by our experts who take the time and have the skill to produce the most amazing detailed models imaginable. If you have already visited our gallery page on this site, you already have a good idea of what we have done over the years. We can handle any job you may have.

At ALPSM we understand that you may be interested in a museum quality piece but you cannot do it yourself due to time constraints and maybe even a limited ability, especially if you have never undertaken such a task before. You may also have seen a completed model on the internet or at a manufacturer’s web page. You want it, but you do not want to purchase it unless you know it can be built properly with all the bells and whistles.

We have a collection of places that we work very closely with and in fact build models for their clients. These high end manufacturers like Iron Shipwright (commander models) and Yankee Model Works make the most incredible diverse line of resin ships on the planet. The final result is an amazing detailed museum quality piece. These can be built at a reduced cost to you. We are usually recommended by these places due to the fact that we have a long term relationship and have been building their models for years and we are a trusted name.

On the right side of this page you see pictures of completed models of the kits offered by these companies. They are usually between 14 inches and 25 inches (1/350th scale) are casted with high quality resin. They contain metal pieces as well as resin and detailed photo etch frets. You can select one from the dozens offered by them. Our customers can order these kits directly from Shipwright (commander models) and Yankee Model Works and have them shipped to us or we can obtain it directly and build them for you the selection is almost endless.

Models come in almost any scale you desire. From large 1/192 scales to 1/700th scales and we build them all. Dioramas or action models are our specialty as well. We also do plastic kits which are even more affordable, and when we are done adding all the aftermarket products like photo etch and rigging, these models are also museum quality.
We can take any model you have sitting around that you may never get around to completing!! Send it to us!! Although most of our sales are for HERO sailors and pilots’ families giving them as presents, we also build amazing detailed cars, trucks, figures and specialty items like sci-fi and space vehicles. Call us to ask any questions you may have!!! You can also use email if that’s more convenient to you.

Another company you will see here is Model Expo, who have been around for many years as well..They carry an amazing line of wooden tall ships which are simply masterpieces. We build all their tall ships. These models are huge, literally. You will need a big fireplace mantle to show off these models. We can guarantee that nothing else in your home will get as much attention!!!! There is simply nothing else like it!!!


A large part of our business is doing restoration work on previously built models that have seen their day, or are damaged for any reason. Each restoration has its own situation attached to it. Call us to discuss your particular situation and we will solve it for you once and for all. We perfectly match paint and can reconstruct anything to bring it back to life the way it was originally.