About Us

A & L Precision Scale Models is a leader in production of the most highly detailed perfectly scaled models serving clients thru out US on projects of all sizes and complexity. With practices in all areas of creating many authentic models, A & L Precision Scale Models thrives under pressure. Our goal is to provide you with the dream model you always wanted. Building models for 35 years we understand what is required and needed from a precise, accurate model which can be displayed with pride.

Veterans or if the model is purchased for one will be happy to know that we are so exact and detailed that it will seem exactly what you served on right down to the railings and ladders walked on or held. If you have ever had a model built by another company, chances are WE built it for them! We build for the US Navy as well as private collectors.

We build and restore everything from battleships, planes, wooden tall ships, cars, trains, dioramas and statues. We can bring back to life any model that your "cat" got to!

For prices or questions about a particular model or a situation please contact us directly. No one will beat our prices because WE are the ones that do the work! We do not send anything out to 3rd party, they are all built right here in the good old USA. We are located in Brooklyn NY and any customer is always welcome to come see our incredible 1500 square foot shop!

Image to the right part of the crew busy at work even on a Sunday night!!"..left to right..Dave, Artie, Lee